About the workshop

Over the past several decades, the lawn care industry has sleepily meandered its way into the 21st century with little to show in terms of innovation. With looming government regulations, volatile urea pricing, tight competition and the growing green movement, many green industry entrepreneurs have stepped to the plant to introduce new ways of achieving turf and plant health. Barrett Ersek is one of these many new green industry entrepreneurs.

His company, Holganix manufactures a 100%, organic bionutritional fertility product for turf and plant health that allows users to drastically reduce their use of synthetic inputs. Holganix won the 2014 CleanTech of the year award for the Philadelphia region and was named number 186 on INC Magazine’s 500 fastest growing privately held companies in America in 2014. Barrett is also the founder of the Bionutritional Summit, a symposium for lawn care industry leaders to gather and learn about growing their businesses and new technologies in the world of bionutrition and the green industry at large.

Barrett conducts green industry workshops on the following topics:

  • Building a fast pace lawn care company
  • New developments in the green industry
  • The science around probiotic lawn and plant solutions